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Player/Basketball Operations: Statistics
Basketball Operations Assistant - part time - Houston Rockets (Houston, TX)

RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to:

  • Assist the front office in day to day Basketball Operations. 
  • Provide video breakdowns of prospects. 
  • Conduct background research.
  • Manage a database
  • Demonstrates our One Team philosophy of Passion, Accountability, Customer Focus, and Teamwork. 


·         Possess a strong basketball background and a sound understanding of the game. 

·         Have familiarity with SportsCode video software and the ability to break down game film and create edits for the coaching staff.

·         Have a strong grasp of the players and teams in the NBA, the GLeague and the NCAA.

·         Coaching or playing experience is preferred.


  • While performing the duties of the job, the employee is regularly required to stand, sit, walk, use handle or feel, reach, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk and hear.
  • The vision requirement includes close vision and ability to adjust focus. 
  • Nature of position requires physical mobility and the ability to lift a minimum of 20 pounds.
  • Must have ability to adjust to changing work hours and locations as needed. 


Highly motivated and dependable individuals that exhibit our ONE TEAM PHILOSOPHY of PASSION, ACCOUNTABILITY, CUSTOMER FOCUS, TEAMWORK are welcome to apply!

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Player/Basketball Operations: Equipment Manager
Team Attendant - Los Angeles Lakers (El Segundo, CA)


  • Home and Visiting locker rooms are set up.

  • Visitors TA will need to find out what visitors will need for the game!

  • Gatorade carts need to be clean and fully stocked (see att achment) .

  • Gatorade carts will be court side before teams come out of final meetings with injury ice jugs.

  • Towel carts must be filled with White and Gatorade towels for non- nationally televised games; only white towels national games (ex: ESPN or TNT).

  • Towels must be available on court before teams start warm ups for game.

  • NBA game balls are on ball cart ready to go out for players and coaches.

  • Ball cart before national anthem, must collect all balls and take to locker room.

  • Hydroculator must be filled with water and heat pads, taken courtside and plugged in 2 Yi hours before game, so it can be ready by game time .

  • Ticket envelopes must be properly filled out by players, coaches and staff for proper delivery. TA must verify tickets in envelope and log them on Team Ticket log

  • TA assigned to court must stay on court to rebound and help coaching staffs, NO HORSEPLAYING or shooting allowed by non- NBA players or coaching staffs. There must be someone on the court at all times. NO eating on court or cell phones.

  • Slip mats must be placed at center court and entrances to benches.

  • Slip brooms will be placed under each basket.

  • TA in visitor locker room must be available at all times

  • TA in visitor locker room must be ready for visiting team arrival and insure that they have everything Lakers are suppose to provide.

  • Referee cart MUST BE COMPlETE WITH GAME BALLS AND TAKEN TO Referee locker room, if there is a female official they will have a locker room next to Laker tunnel.

  • Referees will arrive around 6:00 p.m.; we will be notified of their arrival. TA must check in with Referees and provide them with tickets if they were requested with envelopes, passes and pens. You will then ask Referees if they have any PRE- game, Halftime and POST-Game needs.


  • Attend to all players and coaches needs.

  • ALWAYS have at least 1 TA at bench at all times.

  • MUST have at least 4 latex gloves in pocket at all times.

  • Collect all warm up gear from players and fold pants and shirts . Make sure everything is collected and stacked accordingly to each player.

  • When player checks in to the game, make sure you collect his gear at scorers table and returned  to bench to  be folded.

  • Player who comes out of the game make sure they have a towel, gear and ask them if they want  water or Gatorade.

  • During timeouts, give each player that was in game a towel and always have 1 or 2 extra for certain players needs. Other TA will go behind bench and hand out water and Gat orade. Will replenish used drinks with new ones. Other TA will stand at the end of bench to assist with anything needed. When Time out ends bench will need to be dried up and cleaned up for coaches and staff . Collect all used towels and make sure nothing is left at scorers table. Dirty towels will be collected by TA from behind bench and taken to  tunnel next to  bench.

  • TA that works baskets must attend to all wet spots, if you need assistance look toward another  TA and ask for help.

  • Blood on player uniform, TA must have latex glove on and use peroxide spray bottle to spray location, Must let it soak, DO NOT dab with towel. Player has cut and is bleeding notify GARY or Marco Nunez to attend to cut. TA must be ready with latex gloves on, cup, towel, San clothes or peroxide spray bottle. All items must be disposed in to red container next to Gatorade cart.

  • Halftime ball cart must be taken outside before team meetings begins. Towel bin will be taken to locker room to be re-stocked for 2nd half.

  • Visitor TA must be available for any needs visitors will need.

  • Home TA mist be available to distribute drinks, ice bags and heat packs.

  • Referee TA must go by Referee locker room to make sure they are OK.


  • Collect all team equipment from Court (Hydroculators, Gatorade carts, Game balls, slip mats, broom, bikes in tunnel, gum and rosin from scorers table; etc)
  • CRUCIAL for Visitors TA, must collect all visiting team equipment and load in cart and taken to team bus in a timely manner for visitors to leave ASAP.

  • Home TA will collect all uniform, warm ups and net bags promptly to be taken to WASH.

  • All TA's will help clean out equipment room (Carlos office) for equipment that needs to be taken to team van.

  • Visitor TA must collect all Laker supplied items back to Laker locker room (Gatorade coolers, hangers, etc). You must re-stock all Gatorade coolers for next home game, WIPE down all coolers.

  • WIPE and CLEAN both Gatorade carts for next game.

  • Home TA will clean up locker room of all towels and other trash from players locker area.

  • Referee TA will collect all items provided to referees (Hydroculator, weight scale, ice buckets, Gatorade cooler, make sure everything is collected from Referee locker room.

  • All TA's will hang up all home gear on clothes hangers to properly dry.

  • All gear must be hung up from right to left (jacket, pants, jersey, shorts, shooting shirt and then all other t-shirts).

  • TA's will collect all jerseys in locker room order and place in equipment room clothes hanger.

  • Refrigerators must be fully stocked for next home game. Also please make a list for Mike and Carlos for what is needed to bring and re-stock  refrigerator.

  • Log in your hours through ADP website.

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Player/Basketball Operations: Equipment Manager
Team Attendant- Seasonal- Temporary- Part-Time - Miami HEAT (Miami, FL)

Description of the Position: The Team Attendant’s main function is to assist the Head Equipment Manager in various tasks including, but not limited to, cleaning the locker room, mopping the basketball court, organizing the equipment room and washing and folding laundry. Responsibilities include mopping up sweat during games; rebounding pre-game/halftime; dispensing of water and towels; organization and maintenance of warmups during game; assist with laundry duties; washing/folding and putting away towels/uniforms; assist with cleanliness and organization of locker room; assist with bench setups/teardown. May be asked to help straighten equipment room; assist with player/coaches’ needs as directed by supervisor; stock refrigerators; assist Equipment Manager with any other duties assigned; assist visiting teams with moving and unloading equipment. Other duties assigned to you by staff of visiting team. Ideal candidate must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays on a flexible schedule. All team attendants are required to be at arena 3 1/2 hours prior to game time. Candidate must have great communication skills. Must be able to work well with others. Must be able to take direction. Must be able to multi-task. Must be organized. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds (lbs.)

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, genetic information, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, and any other legally protected status entitled to protection under federal, state, or local anti-discrimination laws. EOE & DFWP

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. (Yes/No) Are you available to work nights, weekends and holidays?

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Player/Basketball Operations: Statistics
Basketball Analytics Manager - Milwaukee Bucks (Milwaukee, WI)

Job description

A skilled data analyst responsible for continuing development and maintenance of a basketball information system and database architecture as well as performing model building and other analysis of the data housed within the architecture. Extensive experience in and expertise with a scripting language such as R is a requirement. A successful candidate will also be conversant in SQL and comfortable with a range of statistical and model-building techniques. Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented, competitive environment is a must.

This position will work as a part of the Basketball Operations department, and will collaborate with the entire operations group, reporting to the Director of Basketball Research.

Skills & requirements


  • Maintain the Basketball Analytics database and server, including updates, general maintenance, and ensuring fast access and reliability.

  • Automate and deliver reports for basketball operation and coaching staffs as directed.

  • Automate the process of ingesting and scraping data into the Basketball Analytics database from a variety of sources, including Second Spectrum.

  • Perform data wrangling tasks such as cleaning, assembling, or analyzing.

  • Perform statistical modeling tasks as requested.

  • Stay current with basketball-related research, as well as applicable cross-disciplinary research.


  • Degree from an undergraduate or graduate program in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, (Applied) Statistics, or other related field or commensurate work experience.

  • Prior experience as programmer analyst, data scientist, or demonstrated portfolio of work is preferred.

  • Ability to read and implement academic research, whether cross-disciplinary or basketball-related.

  • Experience in modeling and machine learning / deep learning techniques required.

  • 2+ Years of statistical or scripting language experience preferred (R, Python, etc.), with a strong preference for R, including Shiny, RMarkdown/Sweave, as well as visualization packages that integrate with Javascript libraries

  • Intermediate experience with SQL required, including creation and management of small databases, proper indexing and key creation, as well as simple queries.

  • Experience with version control platforms like Github preferred.

  • Intermediate experience with UNIX systems is preferred, including routine maintenance, updates, script compilation, and networking.

  • Strong collaboration skills with the ability to work with and communicate with people from all departments and at all levels of the organization.

  • Ability to handle high pressure situations while still being attentive to the detail and excellent work product required. Must have high level of interpersonal skills to handle sensitive/confidential situations and information.

  • Knowledge of advanced basketball statistics, and knowledge of common basketball statistical resources, both public and proprietary is a strongly preferred. A working knowledge of NBA personnel, rules & regulations, is strongly preferred.

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Player/Basketball Operations: Media/Video Production
Special Assistant to the President of Basketball Operations - Minnesota Timberwolves (Minneapolis, MN)

Conduct and present research projects and evaluations to assist coaching staff in more efficient and effective game plan preparation. Conduct statistical studies and logging of games. Develop video and video edits for coaches to prepare for games and to be used to scout and prepare for games against opponents. Work closely with coaches, P-1 players and front office staff. Act as a liaison between the advance scout and coaching staff on game plan preparation. Support the coaching staff on court in drill work with players. Reqts: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Sports and/or Entertainment Event Management or a related field, and 2 years of experience in the position offered or related position, including 2 years of experience with: Performing video editing in professional sports league; SportsCode video editing software, including Synergy and Sportstec; Performing basketball analytics; Fast Draw / Scout software; Post-game analysis including statistical analysis and reporting in a professional sports league; Assisting coaches with player development. 25% domestic and international travel is required. Please send resume to the Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Ltd. Partnership at

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. Do you have 2 years experience with SportsCode, Synergy and Sportstec?
2. Do you have 2 years experience in basketball analytics software?
3. Do you have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Sports and/or Entertainment Event Management or related field?

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Player/Basketball Operations: Equipment Manager
SLC Stars Team Attendant - Salt Lake City Stars (Salt Lake City, UT)

Job Summary:

The Team Attendant's main function is to assist the Head Equipment Manager in various tasks. Champion the company's Mission and Vision, and model the company Values.

Specific Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Protect the moral, legal and financial well-being of the Company (MMP)
  • Continually teach associates new and better ways of doing business with and emphasis on STEWARDSHIP, ACCOUNTABILITY, LEADERSHIP and GUEST SERVICE
  • Mopping up sweat during games
  • Rebounding pre-game/halftime
  • Dispensing of water and towels
  • Organization and maintenance of warm-ups during game
  • Assist with laundry duties; washing/folding and putting away towels/uniforms
  • Assist with cleanliness and organization of locker room
  • Assist with bench setups/teardown.
  • May be asked to help straighten equipment room
  • Assist with player/coaches' needs as directed by supervisor
  • Stock refrigerators
  • Assist Equipment Manager with any other duties assigned
  • Assist visiting teams with moving and unloading equipment.
  • Other duties assigned to you by staff of visiting team.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Must be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays on a flexible schedule
  • Required to be at the arena 3 ½ prior to game time
  • Must have great communication skills
  • Able to work well with others
  • Able to take direction
  • Able to multi-task
  • Must be organized.

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Exposed to frequent walking, standing, twisting

Language Skills

  • Must be able to communicate in English

I have read and understand the essential job tasks and my responsibilities as outlined above. The requirements are representative of minimum levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities. I possess the abilities and aptitude to perform each duty proficiently. This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an "at-will" employment relationship.

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Player/Basketball Operations: Statistics
Coordinator, Basketball Analytics - Utah Jazz (Salt Lake City, UT)

Job Summary:

The Utah Jazz is searching for a Coordinator, Basketball Analytics to assist and execute various statistical analyses in support of front office decision makers.

Primary Duties:

  • Design, development, and maintenance of ongoing metrics, reports, analyses, dashboards, etc. as dictated by front office and basketball operations staff.
  • Hire and supervise Basketball Analytics Interns.
  • Perform exploratory analysis to evaluate data quality and applicability in decision making process.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Be a student, be a teacher, be a leader
  • Be a good teammate, contribute positively to a winning culture, and be respectful.
  • Demonstrate world-class customer service and if you don’t directly interact with the customer, support those that do.
  • Protect the legal, financial, and moral well being of the company.
  • Exemplify the Larry H. Miller Group of Company values


  • Strong understanding of analytics and general knowledge of basketball terminology.
  • Knowledge and working experience with leading basketball data providers (Second Spectrum, SportVU, Synergy Sports Tech, NBA Stats, etc.) preferred.
  • Experience in statistical analysis and machine learning application (e.g. Regression, Clustering, etc.) preferred. Knowledge of data mining techniques and understanding of data warehousing concepts preferred.
  • Open to learning new programming languages (SQL), data mining and data visualization techniques.
  • Proficiency in various programming languages, particularly statistical programming.
  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s or higher preferred.
  • Experience working and interacting in a corporate environment.
  • Ability to learn, unlearn, and re-learn emerging technologies.


Physical Requirements:

  • This person must be able to communicate and express themselves both written and verbally
  • This person must be able to observe, inspect, estimate and assess
  • The person must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • This person must be able to lift 20 lbs.

Note: The need may arise to revise, supplement, or rescind portions of this job description, and LHMSE reserves the right to do so at any time. Employee shall be required to meet the qualifications and perform the duties of any revised job description.

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