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Administration/General Management: Human Resources Generalist
Payroll Administrator - Los Angeles Lakers (El Segundo, CA)

Job Title: Payroll Administrator

Department: HR, Payroll & Personnel

Position Summary: The Payroll Administrator provides a variety of clerical, coordination, and administrative activities in support of the Human Resources & Payroll department. It is also responsible for all employee data entry into ADP.

Essential Functions (Duties & Responsibilities**):

Payroll (Semi-monthly)

  • Ensure all time sheets are completed

  • Close payroll and ensure all managers approved necessary timesheets

  • Print out every time sheet in systems (full-time, part-time, and seasonal)

  • Process dancer time sheets – enter data separately / verify each check number and amount

  • Verify each line and ensure all full-time employees with overtime have notes to explain extra time; proof all errors to make sure no one is over paid

  • Print out payroll reports and pass them to Director, HR, Payroll, and Personnel to verify all amounts of regular pay, overtime, commissions, etc.

  • Submit for a preview (ADP calculates the hours and total payments) where Director, HR, Payroll, and Personnel will verify again before accepting in ADP

  • (Once payroll is completed) Print out statistical summary for Accounting and any checks processed from ADP

  • Create payroll reports/ check registers with notes about any changes (commission, bonus, retro, manual check)

    • Give to Director, HR, Payroll, and Personnel and CFO for final approval

  • Process all personnel and payroll changes (increases, change of address, new hires)

  • Work with auditors to provide all required information

  • Remind each direct manager on year anniversaries about 3% increase (Direct manager must verify pay for performance increase) *Reassess after hiring Director, HR

  • Update the new hire report and the termination report

  • Prepare all ADP information for ACA reporting

  • Report to Labor Department (once per month) on employee stats

**Responsibilities subject to change based on organizational needs and direction from management.

Education/ Certification:

  • Bachelor’s degree (required) in Accounting (preferred)

  • Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) Certification

Previous experience:

  • A minimum of two to three (2-3) years experience working with payroll systems

  • Some accounting experience preferred including a basic understanding of journal entries and accounts payable or payroll accounting

  • Benefit enrollment and COBRA experience (strongly preferred)

  • 401K administration background (strongly preferred)


  • Experience with HRIS software such as ADP

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite with strong Excel skills

Knowledge, skills, abilities:

  • Familiarity with federal and state labor law regulations, minimum wage, etc.

  • Analytical – ability to calculate various payroll withholdings such as statutory taxes, 401K, etc.

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills with a passion for people

  • Presents self in professional manner and has the demonstrated ability to interact with all levels of organization and outside contacts

  • Ability to maintain the highest level of confidentiality

  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment

  • Excellent communication skills including written and verbal; ability to present ideas clearly and concisely

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Excels at multi-tasking, planning and organizing, can prioritize work activities; uses time efficiently

  • Detail Oriented

  • Adaptability – adapts to change in the work environment, manages competing demands and is able to handle frequent changes

  • Dependability – consistently at work on time, follows instructions, responds to manager’s instruction

Physical Demands: N/A

Location: El Segundo (offices M-F), and other occasional off-site events, as needed

Travel: N/A

Hours: Regular office hours (9am- 5:30pm M-F), plus overtime is mandatory; must be available to work evenings, weekends and holidays

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Player/Basketball Operations: Equipment Manager
Team Attendant - Los Angeles Lakers (El Segundo, CA)


  • Home and Visiting locker rooms are set up.

  • Visitors TA will need to find out what visitors will need for the game!

  • Gatorade carts need to be clean and fully stocked (see att achment) .

  • Gatorade carts will be court side before teams come out of final meetings with injury ice jugs.

  • Towel carts must be filled with White and Gatorade towels for non- nationally televised games; only white towels national games (ex: ESPN or TNT).

  • Towels must be available on court before teams start warm ups for game.

  • NBA game balls are on ball cart ready to go out for players and coaches.

  • Ball cart before national anthem, must collect all balls and take to locker room.

  • Hydroculator must be filled with water and heat pads, taken courtside and plugged in 2 Yi hours before game, so it can be ready by game time .

  • Ticket envelopes must be properly filled out by players, coaches and staff for proper delivery. TA must verify tickets in envelope and log them on Team Ticket log

  • TA assigned to court must stay on court to rebound and help coaching staffs, NO HORSEPLAYING or shooting allowed by non- NBA players or coaching staffs. There must be someone on the court at all times. NO eating on court or cell phones.

  • Slip mats must be placed at center court and entrances to benches.

  • Slip brooms will be placed under each basket.

  • TA in visitor locker room must be available at all times

  • TA in visitor locker room must be ready for visiting team arrival and insure that they have everything Lakers are suppose to provide.

  • Referee cart MUST BE COMPlETE WITH GAME BALLS AND TAKEN TO Referee locker room, if there is a female official they will have a locker room next to Laker tunnel.

  • Referees will arrive around 6:00 p.m.; we will be notified of their arrival. TA must check in with Referees and provide them with tickets if they were requested with envelopes, passes and pens. You will then ask Referees if they have any PRE- game, Halftime and POST-Game needs.


  • Attend to all players and coaches needs.

  • ALWAYS have at least 1 TA at bench at all times.

  • MUST have at least 4 latex gloves in pocket at all times.

  • Collect all warm up gear from players and fold pants and shirts . Make sure everything is collected and stacked accordingly to each player.

  • When player checks in to the game, make sure you collect his gear at scorers table and returned  to bench to  be folded.

  • Player who comes out of the game make sure they have a towel, gear and ask them if they want  water or Gatorade.

  • During timeouts, give each player that was in game a towel and always have 1 or 2 extra for certain players needs. Other TA will go behind bench and hand out water and Gat orade. Will replenish used drinks with new ones. Other TA will stand at the end of bench to assist with anything needed. When Time out ends bench will need to be dried up and cleaned up for coaches and staff . Collect all used towels and make sure nothing is left at scorers table. Dirty towels will be collected by TA from behind bench and taken to  tunnel next to  bench.

  • TA that works baskets must attend to all wet spots, if you need assistance look toward another  TA and ask for help.

  • Blood on player uniform, TA must have latex glove on and use peroxide spray bottle to spray location, Must let it soak, DO NOT dab with towel. Player has cut and is bleeding notify GARY or Marco Nunez to attend to cut. TA must be ready with latex gloves on, cup, towel, San clothes or peroxide spray bottle. All items must be disposed in to red container next to Gatorade cart.

  • Halftime ball cart must be taken outside before team meetings begins. Towel bin will be taken to locker room to be re-stocked for 2nd half.

  • Visitor TA must be available for any needs visitors will need.

  • Home TA mist be available to distribute drinks, ice bags and heat packs.

  • Referee TA must go by Referee locker room to make sure they are OK.


  • Collect all team equipment from Court (Hydroculators, Gatorade carts, Game balls, slip mats, broom, bikes in tunnel, gum and rosin from scorers table; etc)
  • CRUCIAL for Visitors TA, must collect all visiting team equipment and load in cart and taken to team bus in a timely manner for visitors to leave ASAP.

  • Home TA will collect all uniform, warm ups and net bags promptly to be taken to WASH.

  • All TA's will help clean out equipment room (Carlos office) for equipment that needs to be taken to team van.

  • Visitor TA must collect all Laker supplied items back to Laker locker room (Gatorade coolers, hangers, etc). You must re-stock all Gatorade coolers for next home game, WIPE down all coolers.

  • WIPE and CLEAN both Gatorade carts for next game.

  • Home TA will clean up locker room of all towels and other trash from players locker area.

  • Referee TA will collect all items provided to referees (Hydroculator, weight scale, ice buckets, Gatorade cooler, make sure everything is collected from Referee locker room.

  • All TA's will hang up all home gear on clothes hangers to properly dry.

  • All gear must be hung up from right to left (jacket, pants, jersey, shorts, shooting shirt and then all other t-shirts).

  • TA's will collect all jerseys in locker room order and place in equipment room clothes hanger.

  • Refrigerators must be fully stocked for next home game. Also please make a list for Mike and Carlos for what is needed to bring and re-stock  refrigerator.

  • Log in your hours through ADP website.

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